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Vote manager bot is a good bot for tracking votes for your server or bot! Its small yet efficient bot for tracking your votes! Just do /setup in your server to start the setup! The bot will d

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Track, log & reward votes.


The most customizable Vote Tracking Bot you will ever need! Looking to grow your server or bots with sites like Top.gg, Discord Bot List, Discords, Discord Servers? We got you covered!

Supported Platforms
  • Top.gg
  • Discord Bot List (Bots Only)
  • Discords (Bots Only)
  • Infinity Bot List
  • Discord Servers
  • Botlist.me
  • TopCord
  • Void Bots

YouTube tutorial

  1. Add Vote Manager to your discord server
  2. Run /setup server or /setup bot command
  3. Copy the webhook link and webhook authorization.
  4. Go to the link provided by the bot. (this will be the dashboard page for your selected platform)
  5. Paste the webhook link and webhook authorization

During setup you can configure a role which will be granted to users for a given time if they vote for your product.
You can also configuring a role which will be granted to user on specific amount of roles by using the /rewards command!


During setup you’ll get the chance to specify a channel in which all votes will get tracked.


During setup, giving you the change to customise the embed. You can either use the prefilled template or you can use some samples found in our support server


Our custom embed uses TagScript. You can use it in the modal while customizing the embed. Each tag has different use. Here is what they mean:

A full list of available variables can be found at in our docs

  • /help: Need some help? We got you covered!
  • /leaderboard: Shows a leaderboard of the top 10 voters.
  • /reminders: Allows you to choose whether to receive reminders to vote again or not.
  • /setup: Setup a vote tracker!
  • /votes: Shows how many votes a particular user has.

A full list of commands, their options & permission requirements can be found on our website

Feedback & Support

If you encounter any issues, have feedback or suggestions, then please join our support server and a member of the Vote Manager team will be sure to help you out

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.