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Vxe Master is a multipurpose bot, its has tons of commands its is good for almost everything its a good bot and is online 24/7

Vxe Master, is a special bot!

It Performs alot of diffrent features such as
-welcoming and leave system
-moderation commmands.
-fun commands

What makes it so special, it complelety diffrent form the others bots, this bot is an action pack multipurpose bots that can moderate your server and manage it, this bot will do great with your server and make your server fun

We are execpting you to invite this bot, go on do it, you derserve a bot like this.

Il list a few commands

  • vmx!ping
  • vmx!prefix
  • vmx!botstats
  • vmx!say
  • vmx!serach
  • vmx!bal
  • vmx!weekly
    and much more!
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