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SenpaiBot is a multipurpose 20,000 waifu/husbando claiming bot - claim, trade, customize, level up, fight, and much more!
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Welcome to SenpaiBot, the Anime Bot for you. Come and cherish your favourite 2D waifus and husbandos on Discord.

Claim, catch and collect waifus and husbandos from the 20,000 characters in the SenpaiBot database.

Create your own customized profile on SenpaiBot where you can show off your favorite characters and quotes for all to see.

Use your characters for trading or fighting against your friends into subjugation.

Come play our multiplayer games such as sending your characters to missions in different worlds, dungeons, the Japanese gambling game, Cho-han.

Win yourself Senpai Dust in our Flash Giveaways to use in our Senpai’s Auction House, the one stop in SenpaiBot you cannot just overlook, where the highest bidder can take home whatever waifu takes their fancy, and the many more features constantly being added!

With Senpai Bot you can:

• Search for characters
•Claim characters
• Customize characters
• Edit your profile
• Trade with other users and try to get all the waifus/husbandos you like
• Level up your character by sending them into missions/dungeons
• Multiplayer games
• And more to come!

The bot is still a work in progress but is constantly being updated.

We plan to add many new features such as Missions in different Anime Universes, PvP, and more!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.