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With the best moderation tools, feature-rich automod, and an interactive dashboard, server management will be incredibly simple.
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How do I invite Watchdog?

Theres a little invite button just above this information panel. If you cant see it, click here

Make sure to leave the permissions as we have set. Watchdog will fail to function properly without those!

Auto Moderation

With Watchdog, moderation will no longer be an issue. With our advanced systems to detect anyone who may cause a nuisance.

Some of our Auto Moderation features include:

  • Mass Join Detection (Formly known as Raid Prevention)
  • Advanced Server Invite Detection
  • Repeated Word Detection
  • Mass Emojis Detection
  • Mass Caps Detection
  • Spam Detection

Manual Moderation

We know! Manual moderation is required, so we have implemented a few commands that will allow your moderators to take care of rule breakers who may slip through the cracks.

Moderation Commands:

  • Mute
  • Warn
  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Clear

General Commands:

  • Prefix
  • serverinfo (sinfo)
  • roleinfo (rinfo)
  • userinfo (uinfo)

These features provide sexy embedded messages overflowing with information. So please, enjoy them


Q: Where is the Dashboard?
A: Our dashboard is currently in development. It should be ready very soon.

Q: What makes Watchdog unique?
A: Watchdog is very easy to setup. You can invite it to your server and have it destroying spammers in seconds.

Q: How do I request any data stored about me?
A: You can run the command w!requestdata Just make sure to use your prefix if you have changed it!

Q: How do I delete data stored about me?
A: Since Watchdog uses data about you to store infractions, and logs. Only data from Guilds that you are no longer a member of will be erased. To do this you can message the bot.

Q: Watchdog doesnt work?
A: You can DM the bot with any bug reports that you may have.

Coming Soon

  • Translations
  • Advanced Tickets System
  • Deleting potentially malicious files
  • Dashboard
    • Online log viewing
    • Deleting specific external links
    • Up to date changelogs
    • Indepth feature list
    • Customize all AutoModeration modules & more
    • Add infraction rules. (Eg Mute after user gets X infractions)
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.