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An all in one bot with music, moderation and fun commands. With this bot you can listen to Lofi Hip Hop music 24/7 as a radio!

☕️・With this bot you can listen to high quality lofi, chill beats 24/7 in a voice channel as a radio! You can listen to music while studying, playing video games or to relax.

Music commands:
lofi-play: Start listening to lofi music in a voice channel 24/7.
lofi-stop: Makes the bot leave the current channel.

Moderation commands:
nuke: Recreates a channel.
ban: Ban an user from the server.
unban: Unban an user from the server.
unbanall: Unban all users from the server.
kick: Kick an user from the server.
purge: Purge an amount of messages on a server (limited to 100 messages).
slowmode: Change the slowmode of the channel.

Utility commands:
help: Show the list of all available commands.
serverinfo: Show information about a server.
poll: Make a poll.

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Created by: Calme#0001
Short link: discord.ly/water