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Keep the music going with Wavv, the high quality music bot that gives you control over your music.
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Wavv is a modified version of the open-source JukeBot which aims to be a high quality alternative to the big name Discord music bots.
The goal with Wavv is to bring users an experience which is both familiar and new and to soon offer a new take at what the standard should be for other music bots.
While Wavv may look like the ordinary music bot today, what tomorrow brings is much brighter!

Wavv Commands:

+help | Brings up list of command categories and commands.

+play | Searches and plays a given url or video title.

+pause | Pauses the current track.

+resume | Resumes the track from where it left off.

+dc & stop | Ends the queue and disconnects Wavv from the voice channel.

+skip | Skips to the next song in the queue.

+queue | Lists all songs within the queue.

+seek | Seeks to a given point in the current track.

+volume | Changes the volume of Wavv’s player.

+bassboost | Changes the level of bassboost applied to Wavv’s player.

and many more!

(All current and comming features of Wavv are, and will remain free for everyone)

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.