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funneh bot "Who deleted the talking webhook?"
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i don’t really know what i should put here so why not just copy paste the commands into here
bot is buggy so sometimes commands just stop working

​No Category:
  8ball       basic 8ball
  changeprefix changes prefix because yes (might not work 100% of the time because bot is buggy)
  help         Shows this message
  invite       invite this bot
  join         joins voice channel because yes
  kick         you need to have the perms to kick if you want to run this
  leave        begone bot! (leaves voice channel)
  minecraftip  sends mr2meows minecraft server
  mute         make those stupid peoples silent
  play         broken rn
  purge        add one to the count because it will delete your message too
  roblox       ignore this it detects underage using roblox link on default p...
  say          only mr2meows can use this command so ignore it
  spam         requires manage roles
  spams        requires manage roles
  test         yes i have viasat
  warn         warns and thats how mafia works

Type web.help command for more info on a command.
You can also type web.help category for more info on a category.```
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