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Just a super cool boi that does basic moderation and has music features.
You can vote once every 12 hours.
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Weerie Bot

I just created a bot because I like doing so-
It has a few handy features and I think it can be a really fun unique bot to use in your server.
I am still updating it!

The global prefix is .
My bot has the following commands:

.Changelog -> Informs you about what has been updated!

.Help -> Shows you this screen!

.Ban -> Yes, I can ban people.

.Kick -> Kick members

.av [mention] -> Shows the mentioned user their avatar. If you do not mention anyone it will show your own avatar.

Use .music for advanced music information!!!

.play [YT-Link] -> Plays song.

.skip -> Forwards to the next song.

.pause -> pauses music playback.

.resume -> resumes music playback.

.leave -> clears the queue and makes the bot leave the VC

fun commmands!

.vibin -> for if ur vibin hard

.snipe -> recovers the latest deleted msg

.editsnipe -> recovers the unedited message

.afk -> for if you’re one of those ppl

.icon -> displays the server icon

.purge [amount] -> mass delete messages

.topic -> gives you a random topic to talk about

.wildquestion -> gives you a NSFW topic to talk about (nsfw channels only)

.fact -> sends you a random fact

.meme -> sends you meme straight from reddit

.dog -> sends you a random dog

.floof -> sends you random floofy animals

.ship -> shows you how well you and your partner match together

.animegif -> sends a random anime gif

.hug -> hugs someone

.pat -> give someone a headpat

.slap -> slap someone

.kiss -> kiss someone

.lick -> lick someone

.bonk -> bonk someone

.cry -> for if you’ve had it all

.blush -> if u wanna blush

.smug -> generates a smug face


.sex -> have sex with someone

.wildquestion -> sends a randomly generated adult question

.pussylick -> sends a anime girl getting her privates licked

.solo -> shows a solo anime girl having fun

.yaoi -> random yaoi gif

.yuri -> random yuri gif

.boobs -> IRL boobs

.pussy -> IRL pussy

.cowgirl -> IRL sex

And maybe there are some more hidden commands

Please let me know if you want more commands!!! Weerie#0061
(You can DM me if you have any questions too-)

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