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Simple guess the pokemon game for discord using animated gifs.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Who’s That Poke is a simple pokemon guessing game with server wide top 50 rankings, and all server top 50.

Already in 1k+ servers!

Commands: wtp!prefix newprefix <- change the prefix

wtp!start <- start guessing pokemon in the channel

wtp!stop <- stop guessing pokemon in the channel

wtp!hint <- get a hint on the current pokemon

wtp!skip <- skip pokemon

wtp!giveperm @username <- give user permission to admin commands

wtp!takeperm @username <- take user off admin command permissions

wtp!rank <1-50> <- get top ranking in server

wtp!rank world <1-50> <- get top ranking in ALL servers

wtp!help <- get a list of commands

Spark some friendly competition in your server with this fun bot!

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