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A classic yet reworked take on a world favorite: Would You Rather?
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“Would You Rather” is a bot that enables your awesome server to be as interactive as possible! You can have fun finding out other people’s opinions whilst inputting yours at the same time! You can also find out how many people agree with you!

➊ We allow our community to submit questions that our bot will randomly select when you say w!wyr - all submitted questions are sent through to our team to be moderated and then added to our database!

➋ Why WYR is Unique from Other Bots

▸ We have hard-working and caring staff working around the clock to ensure that your experience is the best it can be.

▸ We have been growing very fast since our Development Office started working on the bot.

▸ We are original! Our bot is the only that focuses solely on a traditional 'would you rather' question system that also allows the community to add their own questions to the list - we are constantly working extremely hard to ensure that you get the best experience possible!

➌ With community-submitted WYR questions, events, statistics, a great community and more, what else could you possibly ask for? With our bot, you can have unstoppable fun all day with your friends and community members!

➍ Public Relations

WYR has an active Public Relations Office to help you with affiliate-related questions! As long as you meet our requirements, we will partner with your server any day of the week!

➎ Join In!

Can't believe what you've just heard? It gets even better! Join in with the fun and maybe even submit some of your own questions!
Would You Rather is out now- invite it for free to any servers you administrate.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.