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Wyvern - Changing Discord, one server at a time.


Wyvern is a bot created by Wyvern Group to provide servers with great quality moderation and utility tools. Invite it today by clicking the ‘invite’ button at the top of the page. For more information about why you should invite Wyvern, keep reading.


New commands are constantly being added and refined, for the most up to date information, use our help command:

Last updated 22/10/21

Our bot is packed to the brim with useful features, check some of them out below:

  • Settings Command

    • Customise almost every feature in Wyvern to your liking with our easy to use settings command, including blacklisting commands, setting channels for reports and configuring the server prefix.

    Last updated 22/10/21

(warning - this screenshot may include pre-release features that are not yet available on the production bot)
  • Giveaways Module
  • Quote Feature
    • Ever wanted to capture a message that someone has sent, but nobody will believe your screenshots? Enable Wyvern’s quote feature! Whenever you send a message link, it will automatically respond with a copy of the message. No need to crop pictures anymore!
  • Ticket System
    • Claiming, adding/removing users, auto archiving and creating tickets with one press of a button, all in this system.
  • Activity Command
    • Did you know: Discord has loads of games that you can play with your friends in voice channels, but are only currently available to a small selection of users/servers. With this command, you can easily join in on the fun with your friends, even if you aren’t in the few that are selected!
  • AFK Module
    • Use the AFK command to provide a reason for your absence. Your friends will be alerted to the fact you are AFK whenever they ping you.
  • Nuke Channel
    • Completely deletes a channel and replaces it with the exact same name and permissions.
  • Purge
    • The traditional purge command, specify a number of messages in a certain channel and watch them disappear.
  • Report
    • Send a report for a server moderator to review in a predefined reviewing channel.
  • Punishments
    • View a users past warns, mutes, kicks and bans.
  • Levelling System
    • Includes a leaderboard command, generated rank card and complete control over XP using various commands. Users can gain an extra 25% XP for voting for the bot!
  • Bug Reporting
    • Keeping our production bot as stable and bug-free as possible is really important to us. Hence why we offer a command to track and report bugs, which our updated on our trello board accordingly.
      Trello Board

Additional Commands

These commands are self explanatory and do not require descriptions.

  • Ban

  • Kick

  • Warn

  • Mute

  • Slowmode

  • Many new features in development! (Last updated 22/10/21 - join the support server for the most up to date information)


Our support team are online around the clock to answer any queries or help you with any problems you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask! Join the Support Server

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: !
Servers: 432
Users: unknown
Created by: Ben.#0714
Short link: discord.ly/wyvern