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Xiyor Giveaways is a bot made by iNXECTRE#9168. This bot is for Giveaways purpose ONLY! Xiyor has an awesome embed design & layout. Real time countdown, the time will be updated EVERY 2 seconds or so

When this bot went down, it save’s the current giveaway(s) time left, so when it went back on, you DON’T need to redo the giveaway!


x!start <duration> <winners> <prize> - This will make the giveaway in the current channel where the command were used

x!create <#channel> <duration> <winners> <prize> - This will create the giveaway in a specific channel / mentioned channel

x!end <giveaway id> - This will end the giveaway asap and pick a giveaway winner

x!reroll <giveaway id> - This will reroll the giveaway, and pick a new winner

x!delete <giveaway id> - This will delete the giveaway from the server without picking a winner

Join our server by clicking HERE. You doesnt need to, but I will appriciate it if you do πŸ˜€

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