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Top-Tier Leveling System. Fully Customizable and easy to use! Has Levelroles, Leaderboards, Ignorechannels, Voicechat XP, Games and more!
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Get started

Need help? View a full list of all commands by using .xp help!
If you need further support, view our helpful Setup-Guides in our GitHub Repository or join our Support Server.

How to level-up your Community with XP

Create Role Rewards and get more Serverboosts

Set up XP-boosted Roles, which will give more XP to members assigned to them!

Make your Community more active

XP allows you to set up Message and Voicechat Points for your Community easily.
You can also add Levelroles for specific amounts of Points!

Grow your Community together

Voicechat XP will make your Community use Voicechats more often and will create new Friendships!

Make XP your own

The XP Bot is fully customizable and has a lot of easy to use Settings to play with!
Easily toggle a variation of Modules and Server Settings!
Users can also customize their Ranking Card with their own Background Image.

Fully customize the System in many creative Ways

  • Don’t want automatic levelling? Simply disable the XP Modules and start giving XP to your Members with Gifts and a variety of Moderation Commands!

  • Games to gain XP with? Easy! There’s a whole Module with Minigames to choose from.

  • Want to display a user’s level in their Nickname? Simply enable the Module and you’re good to go!

  • Need a little competitiveness in your Server? Enable the Leaderboard Module!

…whatever you want to do, the Bot got the right Features for you!

And there are a lot more Features:

  • custom Commandaliases
  • modern AntiCheat
  • unlimited Ignorechannels & Ignoreroles
  • graphs, which show a User’s XP Gain
  • view your Voicechat time
  • voicechat Log
  • boosted Roles
  • a variety of User & Server Settings
  • 24/7 Uptime & Support
    …and everything is completely free to use!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.