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Xskull is a general-purpose bot featuring a lot of game, search, events, discord information and fun commands.
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If you need any help, ask at https://discord.gg/w2hffFW

Discord Information: avatar: Responds with a user’s avatar. channel: Responds with detailed information on a channel. emoji-image: Responds with an emoji’s full-scale image. emoji-list: Responds with a list of the server’s custom emoji. emoji: Responds with detailed information on an emoji. first-message: Responds with the first message ever sent to a channel. message: Responds with detailed information on a message. role: Responds with detailed information on a role. server: Responds with detailed information on the server. user: Responds with detailed information on a user.

Random Response: 8-ball: Asks your question to the Magic 8 Ball. advice: Responds with a random bit of advice. bird: Responds with a random image of a bird. cat-fact: Responds with a random cat fact. cat: Responds with a random cat image. choose: Chooses between options you provide. coin: Flips a coin. compliment: Compliments a user. dog-fact: Responds with a random dog fact. dog: Responds with a random dog image. draw-cards: Draws a random hand of playing cards. duck: Responds with a random duck image.

Single-Player Games: blackjack: Play a game of blackjack. box-choosing: Do you believe that there are choices in life? Taken from Higurashi Chapter 4. bubble-wrap: Pop some bubble wrap. captcha: Try to guess what the captcha says. chance: Attempt to win with a 1 in 1000 (or your choice) chance of winning. doors: Open the right door, and you win the money! Make the wrong choice, and you get the fire! google-feud: Attempt to determine the top suggestions for a Google search. hangman: Prevent a man from being hanged by guessing a word as fast as you can. hunger-games: Simulate a Hunger Games match with up to 24 tributes. lottery: Attempt to win the lottery with 6 numbers.

Multi-Player Games: balloon-pop: Don’t let yourself be the last one to pump the balloon before it pops! battle: Engage in a turn-based battle against another user or the AI. connect-four: Play a game of Connect Four with another user. emoji-emoji-revolution: Can you type arrow emoji faster than anyone else has ever typed them before? gunfight: Engage in a western gunfight against another user. High noon. quiz-duel: Answer a series of quiz questions against an opponent.


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