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Created by: y124#0517
A fun bot with many features more added all the time

Note this is not updated often please refer to $help for updated command list $repeat command that repeats message $list members lists members $eval complex math (no ^) $cf <heads/tails> coinflips $uno reverse reverses your uno $dice/$roll [optional sides] rolls dice (default 6 sides) $MEE6 shows the truth about MEE6 $comit die comits die $yeet [optional name] yeets you or another person $kill [optional name/@a/@e] sends message $y why $because because (as a reply to $y) $random member prints random member $terraria yes $bot yes $hi/$hey/$hello says hi $no u/$no you no u $ping pong! $pong ping! $rank it is !rank $comit <anything> comit anything $annoy <@user> annoy someone :) $potato POTATO $clr <color hex code> displays colour/color [11:47 AM] $nopw NOPW q (as full word in message) or $q q is yes $no nopw @y124BOT (in message) y124bot say hello $joke these are the most unfunny things ever ngl math (+ or - or / or * or ^ in message) attempts to complete math sum syntax: <number 1> < > <+ or - or / or *> < > <number 2> $shut up nope $suggest please use this to suggest new features where am i (as message) where are you who am i (as message) who are you $letter info <letter> gets info on letter $report user report user to y124 changelog to get your server on the changelog message y124#0517 when am i (as message) when you are (AEST) why am i (as message) why you are what am i (as message) what you are how am i (as message) how you are $rclr prints random colour/color $jd join date am i nicked (as message) are you nicked $website/$invite/$server website with invite link and offical server $report report bugs is @user nicked checks if someone is nicked $rickroll never gonna give you up...