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It has various Korean-based functions Game Stat(Steam, Hypixel Server, Minecraft, Battleground (PUBG), League of Legends (LOL), Rainbow Six) Game (Roll, Rock-paper-scissors, typing practice)

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Keyword Practice
The Discord bot is a multi-functional robot designed for Koreans.This makes it easier for users to check the weather, delivery status, and various games.

In case of development, it was conducted by Team Developer Space and operated by Team Alpha. This bot is developed by 건유1019#0001, and the bot is vertified by discord.

Q : What does the bot do?
A : It’s a multi-functional bot. They search for information on games and sometimes check school meals and timetable in Korea. And in this age of corona, it also provides information related to corona.

Q : What commands are there?
A : There are more features than you think, so I would appreciate it if you could search through the “=help” command.

Q : Website links?
A : Here. It may not work properly because it is currently under development.

Q : Donation?
A : No donation system yet. You can donate by sending DMs to 건유1019#0001

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.