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Yet 2.0 Bot Commands

Discover the full list of Yet 2.0 Discord Bot commands with this guide. Easily navigate through the commands and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Here are the Commands for Yet 2.0 Bot:
  • /help - Get help with commands. List commands and their description
  • /balance userid - View your or another user's coin balance, bank and networth
  • /daily - Receive your daily reward of 1000
  • /promocode code - Redeem promocodes hidden around anywhere for coins and items
  • /rob victim - Rob other people for some quick cash. Can end badly
  • /share user amount item - Share your wealth (or items) with other people
  • /work job - Work for cash
  • /buy item amount - Buy from the shop
  • /deposit amount - Deposit coins into your bank
  • /inventory user - View your or another user's inventory
  • /leaderboard - View the coins leaderboard and a random leaderboard
  • /shop - Shop for items that are definitely not overpriced
  • /withdraw amount - Withdraw coins from your bank
  • /ping - Pong!
  • /item item - View an item's information.
  • /command list - List enabled and disabled commands in the server.
  • /command enable command - Enable a command in this server
  • /command disable command - Disable a command in this server
  • /info - Bot's info and other stuff
  • /challenge buttons - Click the right button for a reward!
  • /vote - Vote for the bot on top.gg and discordbotlist
  • /crystalize amount - Crystalize your rocks.
  • /sell item amount - Sell an item for some coins