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YK Bot is a game and interaction bot.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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yk!rps: Plays rock paper scissors.
yk!dice: Picks a random number from 1 to 6.
yk!8ball <question>: Answers your question wisely.
yk!rr: Plays Russian Roulette.
yk!truth: Asks you a question.
yk!dare: Gives you a dare.

Interactive commands:

yk!bully <user>: Bullies listed user.
yk!kiss <user>: Kisses listed user.
yk!hug <user>: Hugs listed user.
yk!slap <user>: Slaps listed user
yk!punch <user: punches listed user.

Misc Commands:
yk!stats: displays bot stats
yk!ping: Shows bot latency.
yk!help: shows this command

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.