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A simple bot created for fun. Full list of commands you can see if you type `help
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A simple bot “Yuche” created for beginners.

(Reccomended color for role: #f2c273)

Well suited for only beginners to develop servers, as it contains moderation commands!

  • ban — Temporary bans a member from the server.
  • kick — Kicks a member from the server.
  • warn — Warns anyone who do not obey the rules.
  • warns — Checks a users warnings.
  • clear-warns — Resets warnings of mentioned person.
  • clear — Clears messages.

Utility commands were also added!

  • calculate — Gets the answer to a math problem.
  • creator — Shows information about Yuche’s creator.
  • invite — Sends a link to invite Yuche to your server.
  • help — Shows all commands of Yuche.
  • ping — Checks bot’s API ping.
  • roll — Rolls a dice.
  • say — Says whatever you want Yuche to say.
  • userinfo — Shows information about the mentioned person.
  • avatar — Shows avatar of the mentioned person.

But so that you do not get bored, the bot has been added several commands for fun!

  • meme — Gives you a meme.
  • hello — Says hello!
  • hi — Says hi!
  • ascii — Converts text to ascii.
  • weather — Checks a weather forecast.
  • rps — Plays Rock, Paper and Scissors with you!
  • kill — Kills a mentioned member.
  • 8ball — Shows random answers to your question.

You can even look at cute cats and dogs!

  • cat — Sends a picture of a cat!
  • dog — Sends a picture of a dog!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.