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Prefix: z!
Created by: Zuccery#0540
Short link: discord.ly/zlix
A multipurpose discord bot made to improve all servers/guilds
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  • Our new discord bot is a updated version of the old bot which was in 95 servers in total, we deleted said bot due to it being messy, we wanted to clean it up but at the same time add something new for users to enjoy, hints why there is images of the bot preparing to launch an In-Chat RP-Game. The bots features commands from moderation to your regular AFK command!

Prefix & Setting It:

-Our bots prefix is:

Some Command Examples:

  • z!help - Display a help menu with all command categories
  • z!roleall - Role all members a mention/name of a role
  • z!autorole - Autorole new members that join your server
  • z!howto - Get a guide on how to play the new In-Chat RP-Game

The prefix can be changed by using 1 simple command stated on the help menu
Bot Banner: https://bit.ly/2Z5AXAm