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Zone-Tan: a multiple Bot with admin, fun and other commands

Zone-Tan: Discord Bot
Version 1.0 Beta
Bugfixes will be Daily
Many Commands
Music coming soon!

How do you have to use me?
Just use zt!help for the Help-Navigator
The Commands are all categorized
If there are issue’s let us know!

Which commands does Zone-Tan includes?
Zone-Tan includes commands like: zt!kick &’ zt!ban for Admin Commands
and zt!mock, zt!8ball and much more for Fun Commands

Online Status
The Bot will be running 24/7 it will run perfectly
Response fast

For Support, questions or issue’s about the Bot you can join our Support Server (linked at the top)

Wanna know what’s new? Check it out with zt!changelog

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.