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Best upcoming pokemon bot, features such as duels, market, trading, raids, shiny pokemon+ more!
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Welcome to Zyguardian! This is the best pokemon bot there is, we have multiple features and active developers that actually listen! We just began our new Nerd Pikachu + 2x Shiny spawn rate event!, what are you waiting for, cmon over!

We also have music features, dont like pokemon? atleast ya got music!

Some of our commands:

  • z!dex [pokemon/id] - Pokedex command, get info on a specific pokemon.

  • z!gift [@user] - Give a user a pokemon!

  • z!select [pokemon #] - Pick a partner pokemon to level up whilst you chat and play!

  • z!move [move name] - Get damage/other info about a move

  • z!learn - Get a list of moves your selected pokemon can learn!

  • Custom Website

  • Web Dashboard

  • Redeems and Raid Crystals

  • Gigantamax Pokemon

Dont fret young lad, add me, have some fun!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.