Ocean Skies in a community server with a blue aesthetic to it. We have plenty of self roles, fun bots, and a few events! Hope you decide to join us!

Welcome to- no, no, that doesn’t sound right.
This is- wait no, that doesn’t sound good either…
Hello there! This is Ocean Skies. We are a new community with a blue aesthetic to it. (there we go)
We are accepting staff members!

Here’s a basic rundown of the rules

  1. no drama
  2. everyone is welcome
  3. no pinging @ everyone or @ here

We have a variety of channel for all of your needs!
🐬 | a partners channel and requirements
πŸ—¨οΈ | plenty of chatting channels
πŸ’  | self roles, color roles, and more
πŸ€– | bot channels for Mee6, OwO, and more
πŸ¦‹ | fun channels including counting, spam, and more
πŸ–ŒοΈ | creative channels including art, wips, and more
πŸ”Š | plenty of voice chats
πŸ”Ή | a Psychiatry Unit so you can rant and vent all you want
πŸ’™ | promo areas where you can promote servers, books, and more in

Now that you’ve seen this, will you join??


20 Online 47 Members