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Aiden Gaming YT discord Discord Server Described

: Official Aiden Gaming YT discord server

Official Aiden Gaming YT discord server the rules are:Every Member Should Be Respected

Above everything, respect is the most important thing to follow. It is important that you respect each and every member, regardless of what religious belief they have.

If you wish to be respected back in return, it is imperative that you first give out respect.

Abusive Language is Unacceptable

Irrespective of what language you use, always refrain from using any offensive words that might hurt some other member.

Make sure to keep your calm and only use language that is acceptable.

Refrain From Spamming

Avoid spamming at all costs.

Be it messages, pictures or emojis, send everything in moderation and do not bombard the chat with unnecessary things that will make the members miss out on important messages.

Give other users a chance too.

Sexual Content is Prohibited

Our server is built keeping in mind users of every age. Sexual content will not be entertained.

This server is meant for families so that users of every age can enjoy the content on our server.

Seek Permission Before Advertising

If you wish to advertise something on our server, be it a product or service, or anything else, it is vital that you first ask the permission of the moderators who will review your ad and then accept or reject it.

We have a separate channel for advertisements, so make sure to use that.

Appropriate Display Pictures and Nicknames Are Mandatory

Our Discord Server is all about maintaining a well-behaved group of users hence, be certain to use only appropriate display pictures and nicknames.

Keep away from using offensive display pictures pertaining to any religious propaganda or sexual content that might hurt other users.

Users will be removed from the server if they don’t pay any heed to this warning.

Raiding of Other Servers

We do not encourage the members of our server to raid other Discord servers, especially when done without seeking permission first.