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hey! welcome to aj cutie. we're a small but growing wildworks-related server.

hi everyone! aj cutie is a server centered around the game created by clark stacy: animal jam classic. aj cutie was created with the intent to become a home for people who are looking to find animaljam servers that don’t struggle with toxicity. we’re a chill server with constant giveaways and a genuinely amazing community to top it off. currently 15+ bots are running in our server for some extra spice. among them include the flower bot, dank memer, tatsu, pancake, counting bot, marriage bot, along with others. we have tons of different self-roles and color-roles for you to grab to personalize your experience. there are also some pretty snazzy activity recognition roles you can earn through leveling up. you want a custom role? pft, we have giveaways for them! our trading channels are active and thriving, as is our small but still-growing community. our staff is hand-selected, and they are genuinely trustworthy people you can rely on. not to mention our emotes are cute af. our giveaways are frequent, and we have tons of flash, not to mention. we’re waiting for you cutie, come join now!




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