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AMTV aims to provide a friendly community with active trading channels and accurate value bot. You are welcomed to join.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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─ ── ─── $ ⌈🦒⌋〃ADOPT ME TRADING & VALUES

⌕ One of the BEST adopt me servers with HIGH SECURITY level!
⌕ Uniquely made with special channels, and one of the best server layout!

─ ── ─── $ ⌈💰⌋〃Why is AMTV special?

⌕ Provides decently active TRADING Channels! Includes AM, PSX, MS2, MM2, RH and others!
⌕ The most accurate adopt me VALUE BOT on discord!
⌕ Frequently made GIVEAWAYS and nicely designed channels

─ ── ─── $ ⌈🦒⌋〃What does AMTV provide?

⌕ Multiple trading and values channel with value ping, as well as service channels for fellow petsitters and decorators!
⌕ Rewards and giveaways for ALL members that helps members get rich!!
⌕ Bunch of fun and cool channels such as chat, qotd, would you rather and counting!

─ ── ─── $ ⌈💰⌋〃About SEAS
⌕ An adopt me Instagram content creator with over 7k followers.
⌕ Owner of 6 discord servers with different themes, the most known are ADOPT ME NEWS (3k) and Adopt Me Trading & Values (2.3K)
⌕ Moderator of 50k+ Discord Server, Administrator in Multiple Adopt Me Servers.