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We are a small community server, based on gamers from all over the globe, playing all kinds of games.

*We are a small community server, based on gamers and anime lovers from all over the globe.

The server can be really active and chaotic but also really quiet, therefore we have chat revivers who you can ping and hopefully get a good time.*

Our server includes:

❥ Many bots for you to play and have fun with.
OwO, Idlerpg, Dankmemer, TacoShack, Shoob, Uno, NotSoBot and many more.

❥ Place to hangout and chill when you have the time.

❥ Fun and kind community to chat with. Sometimes a little crazy tho.

❥ Many auto roles for you to personalize yourself with.

❥ Place to show your art talent like drawing and developing skills
and much more.

We are a growing community. Come check us out, we hope to see you there.


54 Online 574 Members

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