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The Australia Yuzu Smash Discord server has 13 online members and 0 upvotes. Australia Yuzu Smash is a Gaming Discord Server.

Australia Yuzu Smash Discord Server Described

: This is an Australian Matchmaking Server. We also discuss the Meta. I Host Yuzu Matches, Connect Competitors, and Compete Myself =]!

With the Permission of Discord Bot List, I am Requesting Members to Collaborate with that are Interested in Using the Assets that I Put together. I have a Discord Server that addresses Generic Smash Servers for 7 Continents and Yuzu Smash Servers for 6 Continents. This Server is Designed to Promote Traffic throughout the Smash Community, Similar to Smashcords. The only thing it is missing for it to be Complete is an Australian Yuzu Server. I Understand that Australia Suffers from Poor Internet Speeds Due to its Infrastructure, However, because the Current Australia Yuzu Smash Discord Server Suffers from Inactivity, a Lack of Files for the Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch, and the Fear of being Blacklisted, I have decided to Revive and Rejuvenate; Australia Yuzu Smash, with a Discord Server. Even if it is just an Educational Conversation about the Meta, that Someone I have Competed with, has with an Australian Competitor who joins Australia Yuzu Smash, my Objective has been a Success. I’m going to Promote my 2nd Discord Server, that I mentioned; to Competitors that I’ve Competed with Online, and I Believe that in Order to Keep Members Engaged with Australia Yuzu Smash, I would need Members to Join First so that Australia Yuzu Smash is Inviting. From Expensive Resourcing, to Management, to Smash Practice; not Everything is Completely Ironed out, so, I will have to Work on Production as I Promote, but, I have 5 Goals: To Teach others How To Dump their Final SSBU Patch Files (and wouldn’t be Surprised if Someone did this for the Server Before I Do), to Encourage Yuzu Competition in the Australian Smash Community, to Host Yuzu Matches, to Connect Competitors that I’ve Competed with (from Mexico, Europe, the United States, etc…) with the Australian Smash Community, and to Compete Myself! If you have any Suggestions for Australia Yuzu Smash, Feel Free to let me Know. Thank you so much =]!

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