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A BRAND NEW Superhero RP Server!!!

Warning: Brand New RP server

Avalon is a Superhero RP server based on a personalized world where there are limitless possibilities on powers and characters.

In 2131, in a colonized and thriving world called Avalon; With the advanced technology of the new modern era, many things are possible, especially with many people of the world of Avalon with powers. Or go the route of a military soldier, but as part of an awol group that does much good on their own. Or succumb to the darkness and try to plunge Avalon into chaos

Who will you become?

Genre: Action and Adventure (Superhero Roleplay)

Status: Active and open for new members.

Why you may want to join?:

  • We have a wide range of personalized worlds with a somewhat little limit to what you can do with superpowers.
  • Unlimited amount of powers (as long as they’re reasonably limited).
  • For those seeking awol military OC action, we have a group of awol soldiers that do good without having garbage orders from the US.
  • Personalized plotlines.
  • Monthly events!!!
  • 270+ specific channels!
  • The server is welcoming to anybody who follows the rules. No matter your beliefs or what fandom you’re in (Yes, we’re LGBT+ friendly!)
  • We’re all chill here. No need for Paragraph RP– but you can if you want to.


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