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The Camp Myth Discord server has 13 online members and 0 upvotes. Camp Myth is a Roleplay Discord Server.

Camp Myth Discord Server Described

: Camp Myth is a place where all Riordan-Verse fans can come together and Role Play with their characters!

Hello campers and welcome to Camp Myth!

Camp Myth is a home to all mythological species; demigod, fawns, magic users, godly hosts, valkyrie, and all others. Set off of the coast of Miami, Florida on a island unbeknownst to mortals and monsters, completely covered by the mist, a island of four different clusters but one large camp resides.

The Roman Cluster, the Grecian Cluster, the Norse Cluster, and the Egyptian Cluster.

With the hope of offering a safe haven for all who need it and are an ally in the times of good versus evil, Camp Myth is an engaging place to go on quests protecting the known realms, train in different sessions like horseback riding and sailing, as well as potentially serving in other camp positions.

Though despite our efforts for peace, the gods, titans, and other mythological folk have been divided. There are those who want all of the deities to be joined and their heirs to be protected as one, and there are those who want division to remain. The ones who want division, will stop at nothing to get what they want. That includes hurting those who stand in their way.

Set long after the Percy Jackson series, Heroes of Olympus, the Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase series…this is a era of new heroes, yet also new villains. Will you join us in our fight for normalcy and peace in the realms, or stand against us?

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