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Full CharmMC Server information, with invite link to join, along with Minecraft channels and any related servers.
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The CharmMC Discord server has 20 online members and 0 upvotes. CharmMC is a Minecraft Discord Server.

CharmMC Discord Server Described

: We are a minecraft server discord. The server has multiple servers, including a custom Generator server and a Custom Box server, which has REAL custom items with a pack!!

Hello everyone!

Planned Servers:

The servers that are currently avalaible to play:

➥ Network Hub
➥ Custom Box
➥ Gens

With more to be added soon!

Update Schedule :5925minecraftslime::

We will do updates all the time be it biweekly, weekly, or daily!

➥ Weekly updates (Big updates that include fixing bugs, new features and so on)
➥ Daily updates (Fixing bugs or if something urgent needs to be fixed)
➥ Season updates (Revamp of the in-game server completely)
➥ Map updates (Updates to the MAP only such as new mines, areas, etc)


Custom Box:

  • Custom Items (Nope! They are actual real textured custom items)
  • Custom Mobs (Being added after release as part of the nether biome)
  • Custom Armour
  • Resource Pack
  • Custom Ore
  • Multiple Upgrade Paths
  • Multiple Classes (Releasing with one class others to be added in updates)
  • Non-keepInventory Areas

Tons of new updates to be added in the future, including new mines, armour, items, blocks, areas, etc


  • Gens + Farming
  • Unique Plots
  • Plot Upgrades
  • Custom Level System
  • Stackable Gens


Yes, we actually do payouts! They may not be that grand for the first season, but they will be better as the server grows.

Discord Linking:

This is an upcoming feature.


  • Support us (for now) by inviting your friends!


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