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1 upvotes in March
The ChatterCord Discord server has 12 online members and 1 upvotes. ChatterCord is a Community Discord Server.

ChatterCord Discord Server Described

: The Discord version of Reddit (basically every server in one)

Welcome to ChatterCord! The Reddit-like Discord server. We have different communities for everything. Just react to join a community, like Discord’s “join server” button. It’s like many Discord servers into one Discord server.

We even have “karma” (we call it XP), just like reddit! (no annoying “level up” messages however)

We have many communities such as:

  • Reading, Writing, and eReaders
  • News (and maybe a bit of gossip)
  • Student’s corner where you can get help with homework and share study guides/flashcards

And many more!

We are also fully SFW. Come join us!


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