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The Coeurl (Primal Hunts FFXIV) Discord Server

Join The Coeurl Discord server for FFXIV hunts, FATEs, and socializing with over 31.3k members. Get the invite link and join the fun!
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The The Coeurl (Primal Hunts FFXIV) Discord server has 17.1K online members and 0 upvotes.

The Coeurl (Primal Hunts FFXIV) Discord Server Described

: The FFXIV Primal Datacenter's hub for hunts and fates!

This discord is a community run hub for hunters and FATE chasers who wish to work together on the Primal Data Center. Here you’ll find channels that allow players to share hunts and fates with each other as well as social channels. We love to see coordination between groups of conductors and spawners. Our primary goal is to ensure that the largest amount of people can attend A-trains and S-ranks.

The Coeurl is also partnered with Faloop! The Faloop website provides S-Rank spawners with an easy way to share hunt locations to this discord. It also allows us show you more detailed info than a regular text post ever could! Faloop is the most up to date S-Rank tracker for the Primal data center and we also recommend checking out their Discord, as well as the web-app.

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