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The Colonial Conquest Discord server has 13 online members and 0 upvotes. Colonial Conquest is a Minecraft Discord Server.

Colonial Conquest Discord Server Described

: Colonial Conquest is a Modded Minecraft Server where you can roleplay, build cities, build defenses, and raid other players cities! Read the long description for more info!

🗺️ Colonial Conquest Minecraft Modded SMP ⚔️

🛠️ Mods:
| Colonial Conquest has a broad range of mods that make the world fun to explore and keeps you from running out of content.

🌍 Roleplay, Alliances, and Wars:
| Whether you’re a solo adventurer or love the camaraderie of a group, there’s a place for you here. Forge alliances, create epic rivalries, and roleplay to your heart’s content.

🛡️ Grief/Theft Protection:
| Creating a Town Hall for your colony protects your land from theft and griefing! If the colonial life isn’t for you though you can always stay hidden underground or travel far away and hope for the best.

⚔️ Sieging:
| If you’re enemies with a certain Colony you can declare them an enemy and siege them, in order to begin a siege you must take your guards to another player’s colony and break their Town Hall, after doing so their colony will be destroyed and you can take their land, but if all your guards die the siege will end in a loss. OFFLINE RAIDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

🤔 Have Questions or Ready to Join?
| Feel free to send the server owner a direct message; we welcome players of all kinds, our friendly community is eager to welcome you.

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