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A lively community to play bots, find friends and enjoy tons of Giveaways, heists and events everyday !

Ultimate Dankers

🐸┃Dank Memer premium Server with robbing and heisting disabled
💐┃Dank Memer, Karuta, Owo, Anigame, Mudae, Poketwo and more…
🌱┃Daily heist events, giveaways and minigames including Mafia, Skribbl, Rumble etc.
💌┃Active and friendly community to hang out with. Find new friends!
👛┃Stunning booster and investor perks.
🦋┃All kinds of emojis including Pepe, Anime and aesthetic emojis!
╰─➤ Join in to experience a vibrant atmosphere!
🍰・Invite Link - https://discord.gg/danker


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