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A lively community to play bots, find friends and enjoy tons of Giveaways, heists and events everyday !

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↬ ⊰・Dank Memer Premium Server!
↬ ⊰・Robbing And Heisting Disabled Guild Wide!
↬ ⊰・Daily 5M+ Worth Of Giveaways And Heists
↬ ⊰・Events Like Fail Robs, Guess The Number, Last To Leave VC, Raffle, Green Tea, etc…
↬ ⊰・Daily Pepes, Weekly Pepecs,etc…
↬ ⊰・Extra Multi If You Run Commands Here!
↬ ⊰・Requirement Heists To Earn Fat Payouts In Heists!
↬ ⊰・Friendly Community And SFW Server!
↬ ⊰・Caring And Helping Staffs!
↬ ⊰・Active Community Chats With Lots Of Fun!
↬ ⊰・Other Bots Like OwO, Bro Bot, Dank Memer Beta, Mudae, etc…
↬ ⊰・Amazing Perks For Boosters And Investors!
↬ ⊰・Active PokeSpawn!
↬ ⊰・Dank Memer Tips, Multipliers, etc…
↬ ⊰・Trusted Middle Men For Trading!!
↬ ⊰・Many Welcomers To Make Your Entry Grand!

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