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The XxDarDanosGamingxX Discord server has 140 online members and 0 upvotes. XxDarDanosGamingxX is a Gaming Discord Server.

XxDarDanosGamingxX Discord Server Described

: XxDarDanosGamingxX Community Discord We Host A Full Cluster Of Steam Ark Survival Evolved Modded Servers Known As The fReaKy 20X

Ark Survival Evolved Steam Modded Server
Game Mode: PvP
Max Player Level: 225 + 75 Ascension levels (300 Total)
Max Dino Level: 250 + 30% for Tek Dinos and Wyverns
Harvest Quantity: x20
Experience Amount: x20
Taming Speed: x30
Passive Tame Interval: x0.3
Mating Interval: x0.127
Baby Mature Speed: x15
Egg Hatch Speed: x20
Dino Spawn: x1.05(5% more dinos)
Resource Respawn: x0.9(10% faster)
Crop Growth Speed: x10
Max Player per Tribe: 6
Max Dinos per Tribe: 500
Tribeslot Cooldown: 120 min

Stamina: x2.2
Oxygen: x3.3
Food/Water: x2.5
Weight: x75
Damage: x3.4
Speed: x1.45 (No Max)
Fortitude: x3
Crafting: x2.3
Water/Food Drain: x0.2
Stamina Drain: x0.85
Health Recovery: x2.5
Crafting Skill Bonus: x4

Health: x1.05
Stamina: x1.6
Oxygen: x1.1
Food: x1.1
Weight: x75
Damage: x1.07
Speed: x1.1
Crafting: x2
Water/Food Drain: x0.5
Stamina Drain: x0.8
Health Recovery: x2.2

PvP cooldown: 15 minutes
Time to activate: 30 minutes
Time to activate if log off during PvP cooldown: 90 minutes
Max ORP duration: 48 hours
ORP damage multiplier: 0.2x
ORP damage multiplier to passive dinos: 0.3x
ORP damage multiplier to non-passive dinos: 0.6x
ORP Turret damage multiplier: 3x
Infinite turret ammo: Disabled
Max Locations: 1

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