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Join the Glitches and Tricks Discord server for a fun, friendly community of gamers and techies. Over 22.5k members and an invite link to join!
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The Glitches and Tricks Discord server has 6.3K online members and 0 upvotes.

Glitches and Tricks Discord Server Described

: Chat server for discussing glitches and tricks in video games and sightings of the DeSinc creature on YouTube.

No kids allowed in server. RoboSinc bot auto-bans kids when detected.

Multiple chat topics and themes have grown over the years ranging from useless garbage to full-on discussions of professional environments that some of the users in this discord happen to work in. One guy in #coding-and-tech keeps alluding to working on some secret tech he can’t disclose.

Talk about new VR systems coming out, mods for games that you’re playing, whether Linus Tech Tips is biased, or just start a forum post about whether heads or tails is the front side of a coin (it’s tails - heads is the back with all the info on it dummy)

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