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✔︎ Dieser Server soll den Personen, die einen Developer suchen Helfen. This server should help people looking for a developer. ✔︎

Developer group
Hello, this is the server team of the server Developer group

You are lucky to see this invitation!
You should really visit us, if you don’t like it you can leaven again…
There is a lot of work behind.
Take a look at it:

What we have to offer
⦃🍪⦄ - Everyone is welcome on the server.
⦃🧱⦄ - Structured server for everything!
⦃📔⦄ - Competent and nice server team!
⦃✌️⦄ - Selfroles!
⦃🤝⦄ - Reliable partnerships!
⦃🔊⦄ - Talks, for you and others!
⦃🌍⦄ - Nice community!
⦃🤖⦄ - Own Bot.

What we are looking for:
⦃👥⦄ - Member
⦃💎⦄ - Serverbooster!
⦃❤️⦄ - You!

⦃🔗⦄ - Link: https://discord.gg/khZA3DRpsf

We would be very happy to welcome you to our house.


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