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Dew Drinker Discord server - a community of Mountain Dew lovers with 256,000 members and an invite link to join. Talk about discontinued sodas, leaks, and more!
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The Dew Drinker Discord Discord server has 3.1K online members and 0 upvotes.

Dew Drinker Discord Discord Server Described

: The DEW-finitive Mountain Dew fan community - chat about and discuss Mountain Dew and its flavor variants here!

This server is dedicated to all Mountain Dew lovers, be they casual drinkers or hardcore fans. We are a community with a central focus on soda and snacks of all types, shapes and sizes, and we have several other chats dedicated to miscellaneous topics as well.

If you drink Mountain Dew and you want to discuss your love for it with others, this community is the one for you! If you want to talk about a discontinued soda you feel like no one on the Internet but you knows about, you will find people who do. If you want in on the latest and greatest leaks as soon as they come out, this server is the most reliable source you will find!

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