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The Digital Potion Discord server has 11 online members and 0 upvotes. Digital Potion is a Community Discord Server.

Digital Potion Discord Server Described

: Fun place to game smoke with your friends and meet new people and vibe

gf is prego

we like to get kinky anyways

one night things get particularly saucy

i’m sticking my noodle in her when I notice weird fucking chunks coming out, so I turn on the lights

wtf it’s red everywhere and she’s obviously not on her period

i look up at her, she’s got a glassy, jarred look on her face and she’s not answering


i rush her into my car and speed all the way to the hospital

she’s still bleeding everywhere

by the time we get there, she’s not bleeding much anymore, but all the color has drained and she looks colorless and almost transparent

oh shit, she looks like she’s in a vegetative state

storm into to the emergency room, cary her to the nearest doctor and explain eveything

he takes one look at ther and says

“sir, i’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do”


“we don’t operate on empty jars of spaghetti sauce”

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