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Dynamic X Town Is A Community Chilling Discord Server Since 9th June 2021
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Welcome To Dynamic X Town!
Dynamic X Town is A friendly community Discord Server Since 9 June 2021.
This Server Was Made By @" π“†©ΞΆΝœΝ‘πƒπ²π§πšπ¦π’πœ π“†©πŸœ²π“†ͺ .
A Active Chilling Discord community Server where You can make new friends…
Also Have Giveaways , events , rewards and many much more…
This server is 13+ as it’s SFW!

if we find out you are under age of 13 , you’ll be banned From this server!🚫
( As Discord Tos )

Before joining our server You have to follow Discord’s Tos & Guidelines

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Owner : @" π“†©ΞΆΝœΝ‘πƒπ²π§πšπ¦π’πœ π“†©πŸœ²π“†ͺ