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Join the Ethereal Ark Discord server for a fun, high-paced gaming experience with 9.45k members. Get the invite link and join the community today!
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The Ethereal Ark Discord server has 2.4K online members and 0 upvotes.

Ethereal Ark | ASE | Official Discord Discord Server Described

: The Discord server for Ethereal Ark Unofficial PC server for Win10/ and Xbox! 25x Rates / Demo-craft.
Welcome to Ethereal Ark!

We are an unofficial PC server for Windows 10/Xbox players. We provide 25x rates for a high-paced gaming experience as well as demo-craft for a more casual one. Our server wipes every Friday, giving you the opportunity to join a fun and close-knit community with every new cycle.

At Ethereal Ark, we strive to create a community-oriented environment where players from all levels of play can come together and enjoy their shared love for the game. We take pride in providing quick and trustworthy support for those who may need it. We also host events, tournaments and giveaways to reward our members for their loyalty and dedication.

No matter what type of player you are, you’ll find something you enjoy with us. Come chat with us, join a scrimmage session or build a base! Ethereal Ark awaits!

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