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The Ethis server Discord server has 13 online members and 0 upvotes. Ethis server is a Minecraft Discord Server.

Ethis server Discord Server Described

: A nice welcoming 1.18.1 mc server with vc!
Server name: Ethis SMP


Server modes: [SMP]

Version: 1.18.1

Hardware: 16 gbs of ram

Description: The Ethis SMP is a modded minecraft server using vanilla like mods**,** the only mod you have to download is VC mod, there is a guide in our discord. We have a welcoming community.There are quality of life plugins and data packs like graves, player and mob heads, etc. There is also a new years events happening in the future, there is more info on the discord about that.

Rules: No hacking, no slurs, be respectful, no greifing and stealing, once someone claims cords its theirs.

Owner: Bradeconic

Admin: Elmo/Giga Chad

Moderators: Panthetic/Verra, CraftyChocobo, Dengie, Familiar, Frodomaster, Party Shark/ Plushy Axolotl


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