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Join the Factory Town Discord server and connect with 6.98k members to discuss the game, offer feedback, and get the latest news! Invite link included.
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The Factory Town Discord server has 1.2K online members and 0 upvotes.

Factory Town Discord Server Described

: Join other Factory Town players to learn more about the game and offer feedback to help shape its future development!
Welcome to Factory Town!

Are you ready to join a growing, vibrant community of fellow Factory Town players? Our public Discord server provides an opportunity for players to join together - to play, to ask questions, and to offer feedback. Here, you can learn the ropes of the game, pick up helpful tips, meet new friends and fellow players, share your Factory Town triumphs, and much more!

We offer a safe and constructive community space for anyone seeking to join discussions, offer Feedbacks and/or ask questions about the game. We are committed to providing a helpful, social environment that ensures members feel comfortable in engaging with one another.

Don’t miss your chance to join us in Forge Town and become a part of the conversation! Come and join the many others that are ready to take their gaming experience to the next level.

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