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The largest Fortnite scrim server globally. Elite Customs brings you daily scrims, money games, and much more!
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Elite Customs

Welcome to the largest Fortnite scrim server globally! Elite Customs is the place to be for all your Fortnite scrim needs. We offer daily scrims, money games, and tons of other activities to keep you entertained. Our community is full of friendly and experienced players who are always willing to help out and make sure everyone is having a great time. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Elite Customs is the perfect place to improve your skills and have fun. Join us today and let’s make some memories!

We host daily Fortnite Customs, aiming to give you the best practice ahead of upcoming tournaments!

Our players are rewarded with money prizes in our games, you can earn money at the same time you practice!

You can also find a dedicated channel to look for new players to team up with, to 1v1 or to form a duo to play events.