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Join the r/formula1 Discord server for F1 news, chat, giveaways, and more - with 57.0k members! Get the invite link here.
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The r/formula1 Discord server has 5.3K online members and 0 upvotes.

r/formula1 Discord Server Described

: r/formula1's discord! Chat, watchalong, giveaway, trivia, F1 news, sim racing, netflix, levelup to unlock perms!
r/formula1 Discord Server

Welcome to r/formula1’s community Discord server! Here you can chat with fellow Formula 1 fans, watchalong races, join in giveaways, participate in trivia, get the latest news on F1, join in sim racing events, watch Netflix with others, and even level up to unlock special permissions! Join us today and be part of the r/formula1 community!

This is the r/formula1 discord server!

Ever wanted to chat about F1 while you watch the race? Or share reaction of the netflix series? Ask questions about new technical regs? And not jus F1, but we have multitudes of channels, threads, and forums about other motorsport series, sports, sim racing, pets, food, music, and anything within the rules.

Welcome to the r/formula1 discord server!

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