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Join the forest study chat discord server for a productive and collaborative environment, with 17.6k members and an invite link!
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The forest study chat Discord server has 1.6K online members and 0 upvotes.

forest study chat Discord Server Described

: a community-run server based around the Forest app from Seekrtech, dedicated to productivity and studying!

hello! this server was created in 2018 for users of the Forest productivity app to connect and host group events, however it’s since expanded into a studying-oriented community server with over 16k members, and is suitable for anyone looking to improve productivity :D
((check out for more info!))

  • Forest rooms with specified tree type, duration and starting time are hosted 24/7 by members of the community, and voice events dedicated to studying are hosted regularly for different timezones.
    you’re also free to create and manage your own voice channels for group productivity sessions!

  • our shop and level system, the “forest league”, uses poms (from the pomodoro technique, i.e. 25 minutes of productivity) as currency, and you’ll be able to log and track your study time in the shop, unlocking special color roles and other rewards as you level up!

  • when joining, please fill in and submit a short verification form so we know who you are (we never ask for sensitive information!). our system will automatically verify you once the form is received! make sure to use your full Discord name and tag, or we won’t be able to recognize you :(

thanks for visiting!!

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