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The Giveaway-Bot Discord server has 11 online members and 0 upvotes. Giveaway-Bot is a Community Discord Server.

Giveaway-Bot | System (Support-Discord) Discord Server Described

: Support Discord for the Discord Bot: Giveaway-Bot | System

Giveaway-Bot | System

❓Why use Giveaway-Bot | System?

⠀↳ Database:
The bot runs on a secure database so that all giveaways can run without interference.

⠀↳ Commands:
The bot has a lot of commands to help you create and manage your giveaways.

↳ DM notification:
You have to mark the winners at the end of the giveaway again because the winner does not contact you? No problem, the winner will automatically receive a notification that they have won.

⠀↳ Settings:
You can make changes to giveaways that are already running. For example, you can set the prize or the winners.

🔗 Links
⠀↳ Website:
⠀↳ Support-Discord:
⠀↳ Bot-Invite:
⠀↳ GitHub:

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