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This is the only server, for cool guys and girls. (Totally not a cult)

Do you like a server with no purpose, but fun times, and friendly users? Then this server is just for you! We provide a fun experience, for all users! And best of all we are not racist!

If you get your life together and join this server, you might find, a specific running joke. I’m thinking of the Cult one. But no worries, it’s all just for fun, at least I think so. But if you get witch-hunted, please contact the leader.

What more is, you will probably lose your money. No worries, it’s virtual money, and you will not have to spend any real money.

Why would I lose virtual money you may ask? Well, you should try out our gambling experience! Here you can play blackjack, and lose all the time. And if you don’t care about your money, then bet it all. It’s your money after all!

Don’t want to gamble all your money away? Or participate in witch hunts? Well then, sit back, relax, and ask the others weird, and random questions. Just don’t make it any sexual. We don’t like perverts. It’s heresy.

And please, for the love of our God, I beg you please don’t say the F-word.
It is the name of Satan.


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