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a fun, memey, and anime server where you can use bots, make, pull or post memes, talk with fellow members and more!

This is a server for both anime and meme lovers

In this server you can have both!
we have many fun things to do here

meme generation

you can use MemeGenBot (m>meme) and Dank Memer (pls help image) meme generation features


you can use Dank Memer
a really Memey currency game with lots of ways to play
pull memes from reddit using pls meme, pls meirl or pls smeme
We have 2 channels for memes only, and one for media only


we have Mudae, a fun anime bot where you can roll random charcters from many shows
You can try DIO bot, a fun JoJo’s bizarre adventure bot where can get a stand and battle other users

General Use

We have many text channels, where you can talk to fellow members
We also have a lot of voice channels, where you can talk to fellow members, listen to music using a bot
you can create polls for other users to vote, or suggest something in the suggestion box

So what are you waiting for

join now!


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